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Strategic Capital

The Bridgeway teams are uniquely equipped to help its clients meet their strategic capital needs. Through an extensive network of institutional investors, family offices, and an affiliation with Bridgeway Wealth Partners, Bridgeway Capital Partners and Bridgeway Capital Partners II provide a personalized approach to fundraising that focusses on solving clients’ near and long-term capital objectives.

In addition to the traditional approach taken by most investment banking and placement firms, Bridgeway and its affiliates have developed an online private placement and fundraising platform that streamlines each element of the fundraising process and allows Bridgeway to reach over 7,500 family offices and high net worth investors globally. This ability has given Bridgeway a distinct advantage over its competitors in an ever increasing digital workspace.

The Strategic Capital Advantage

Institutional Investors

Venture Capital, Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Endowments

Strategic Partners

Deep industry knowledge to source ideal strategic capital partners

Family Offices

Ability to reach over 7500 family offices and high net worth individuals

Digital Distribution

Streamlined platform for our digital age allows for speed to market and widespread reach